So, it shouldn't be a surprise to many of you that I am a huge fan of the show Breaking Bad! I'm still super upset that it ended, but I just found out that there may be a way to see my favorite characters, in an all new series!

It turns out that Peter Gould, who is the executive producer for a new show called Better Call Saul which is a prequel to AMC's critically acclaimed hit, could potentially reunite members of the original Breaking Bad cast.

Stars like Bryan Cranston, who played the lead role of Walter White in the hit show, and Anna Gunn, who played White's wife Skyler, have definitely got on board with the idea of coming back for the new show. Aaron Paul, the show's other lead male, said that while his character won't make an appearance in the prequel's first season, there's a possibility for future seasons.

The opportunity for all of these characters, some of whom were killed off by the end of the original series, to have potential roles on Better Call Saul is based on the fact that the show has a flexible timeline. So we can see things that happened before, during and after Saul's work with Walter and Jessie's operation.

I am so excited about this! The first show was great and I bet if those characters come back the prequel will be a huge success too!