As one who crawls out of bed at 3:30 in the morning five days a week, then sits in a comfortable studio for a few hours, followed by several more at my desk, I realize that I am a prime example of someone who is in need of exercise. 

Pierre Mallien

I did own a treadmill once.   It was a great place to put clothes after the laundry.  I'm not a gym guy either.   Tried that routine once for about a week.  So what to do?   A new study was just released that probably cost a lot of money to remind us that the absolute best thing we can do for ourselves is walk.   Step by step, it's very healthy.  And if you think about it, it's quite simple.   So why don't more of us spend time walking?   I'm thinking it's just too easy and makes too much sense.

Why walk a couple of blocks to the store when we can drive at four bucks a gallon?   And heaven forbid we miss a TV show to go for a walk in our neighborhood and through the park.   Well it's time to change.  I'm going to by a good pair of shoes and start walking everyday.

I can even bring the dogs.  The good doctor at New England Animal Hospital in Fairhaven once told me that the nicest thing you can do for your dog is to take them for a walk.   So it's decided.   Tune in or check in next week and I will be able to give you each and every excuse as to why I haven't started my walking routine by then. I'll be in good shape for Sharon's Walk!