Licensed Acupuncturist & herbalist Ken Branco welcomes you to a rare experience in medicine at Branco Acupuncture. Here you will experience what healing is really about. It’s not only what he does or what you do; it’s a combination of energies. Synergetic energy is what takes place when two people share the same goal and objective. Getting you better is the main objective. Having fun doing it is a bonus.

  • Motto: “Acupuncture works. Branco Acupuncture works even better!”
  • Founded: June 1995
  • Led by: Ken Branco
  • Why They’re Unique: Ken Branco is an expert in his field and approaches eastern medicine with his unique personality, to deliver excellent care to patients. If you suffer from pain that seems untreatable by Western Medical techniques, try Branco Acupuncture.
  • They Can Answer Questions Relating to: Fertility acupuncture treatments, pain & inflammation relief, back pain, eastern Medicine techniques, balancing your Chi


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Visit them: 216 American Legion Highway Westport, MA 02790 (Map)

Call them: 508-636-3780

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Watch the videos for an introduction to acupuncture and some basic procedures.

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Subscribe to WFHN-FM/FUN 107 on Youtube

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