The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism has put out a list of underrated attractions across the state. Find out what local landmark they say gets overlooked.

Sometimes the longer you live somewhere, the more you forget to notice about your own backyard. As a newbie to the Southcoast region I'm still discovering everything for the first time and I'm learning something new every single day.

Like yesterday when I came across the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism's list of "overlooked and unexpected" museums across the state and found the New Bedford Art Museum had made the list.

Called one of the best lesser known museums in the state, the press release made note of the fact that the museum opened in 1996 inside a former bank building, which I thought was pretty darn cool.

Perhaps the best part of the NBAM is the fact that local artists as well as international artists are on display, with those displays changing up three times a year.

The list featured some other cool sounding museums, like the Beer Can Museum in East Taunton, but I know it's not just museums that are "overlooked and unexpected" here on the Southcoast.

So what other area attractions should I be checking out now that I'm here?

What are some of your favorite spots on the Southcoast?