On the Fun Morning Show today, our "Mid-Week Mind-Bender" asked what 3 out of every 5 adult Americans would NOT want to share with absolutely anyone.  Great guesses, including their weight, their income, their passwords and emails.   The correct answer, the contents of their smart phones.   It reminds me of something I had read at one time.   It was in an advice column.  It said that if you are the typical person, you need to have and agreement with someone you dearly trust, like a best friend, to clean out your computer history in the event something were to happen to you.

It seems that would now apply to our smart phones as well.    Are you one of the 60 percent of adults who would need that favor?   Probably takes a little thought before an honest answer can be given.   It would seem best to live your life as an open book, so that there is never a worry or question.   But is there anyone who has no secrets whatsoever?  Probably.    Not sure I have ever them as of yet.