The other day as I was on my way home, driving on Main Street in West Wareham I saw a sight I haven't seen before, it was a turkey crossing sign. 

I'm not sure what was on the sign before but it certainly caught my attention when I saw the new sign.  We are all used to deer crossing signs and school crossing and the like, but a turkey crossing sign this is new to me!  This a relatively new phenomenon, packs of wild turkeys roaming the streets, 10 to 15 years ago wild turkeys were a rare sight.  Today they are everywhere, I have a flock of about 30 that cut through my yard and go across main street.  That is why the town put up the sign, I don't know if it will help slow drivers down at all, it will get their attention at first sight of the sign though.

Seeing this sign reminds me of the prank call we made a while back, we called the DPW and told them to move the deer crossing sign because we didn't want the deer crossing near our house.  The guy at the DPW couldn't believe what he was hearing and said the signs were there for the drivers, not the deer, deer do not read and they wont cross at a different location just because they move the sign.  That was a funny call.  Next time you are cruising down Main Street in Wareham keep an eye out for the turkey sign and the turkeys!