So,  my sister called me as I was on my way to the gym. I'm pretty much a one trick pony at the gym. Treadmill, crunches, and same weight training exercises, time after time.

Most fitness experts will say that switching it up is good. So back to my sister. "Want to try Hip Hop Yoga?" she asked. I thought, well I love Hip Hop and I love Yoga, "sure." I thought for sure I was going to be doing flowing movements slowly and methodically while listening to Biggie Smalls. Close. There was definitely Biggie, Puffy and the whole Brooklyn crew's repertoire bumping, but it wasn't slow and easy.

The heat in the room had to have been about 92 degrees, coupled with a good 50 people in the class. As I'm mouthing the lyrics to Eamon's "I don't want you back" (unedited of course), I soon realize, this isn't your Vavó's Yoga class. Jen at Hope Yoga in Dartmouth, kicked our butts and it was awesome. I left feeling not only like I had gotten an awesome workout, but the heat helps purge every toxin from your pores. Amazing!

I recommend Hot Yoga to anyone who hasn't tried. And if you love Hip Hop and want a Vinyasa style class to really get you going, try Hip Hop Yoga! Namaste.