Tracy Morgan is suing Wal-Mart over the deadly car crash.

Randy Holmes/Getty Images

After a six-car pileup car crash that left his close friend, James McNair dead, and him in critical condition, Tracy Morgan is set to go home from his rehabilitation center.

On June 7th, Tracy Morgan and his crew were riding in their limo bus on a New Jersey highway when a Wal-Mart semi-truck crashed into them and caused a six-car pileup.

Morgan was treated for a broken leg and ribs and was later transferred to a rehab center for recovery. reports that Morgan and two other passengers are now suing Wal-Mart over the crash and the death of their friend, James McNair.

Morgan's lawsuit states that because of the crash, he has been prevented from carrying on with his usual schedule and career and that he may be left with disabilities.

Wal-Mart claims that they will do "the right thing for all those involved".

"Tracy has been released from the rehabilitation center and will continue his recovery efforts at home with an aggressive outpatient program. He asked me to pass along his sincerest gratitude to everyone who has helped him get to this point.  He would also appreciate some privacy during this crucial point in his recovery," said the actor's rep.