We have the potential to see the Southcoast's biggest snowstorm in many years Friday into Saturday.  As usual, the biggest snow totals are expected inland, but the hardest hit areas could be measure in FEET rather than inches.

The timing? Looks like the storm will start up after the morning commute on Friday. Once it starts up, it is expected to steadily increase in intensity. The storm is expected to start off in the form of rain for part of Friday before turing to snow. This is the key. The longer the rain sticks around on Friday, the lower our snow totals along the Southcoast. The storm won't wrap up until Saturday morning.

The National Weather Service is updating it's forecast for Friday's snowstorm.  A winter stormwatch has been issued for the Southcoast, including New Bedford, Fall River, Mattapoisett and Plymouth.  They also believe we could see a foot or more of snow here on the Southcoast.  A blizzard watch has been issued for along the 95 corridor Providence to Boston...including Taunton.

Follow the track of the Nor'Easter by clicking here.