We all know in Massachusetts, Driving is a very serious thing, It's almost like a contact sport. Hey guy, you gonna move or what? All I have to say is that Massachusetts has more street signs telling you what do to, where to go and in what lane to be in more than any other state.

The sad part is that nobody reads anymore so I really felt compelled to put this video up. This intersection is in Hyannis, at the corner of Main and Old Colony. Old Colony is a one way road coming to a stop at a set of lights. This is one of the only places where you are allowed by law to take a left after coming to a stop on red. There is a big sign with red lettering telling you that, and nobody does it. So here is the proof.

Can we make it any easier? And I'm the bad guy, because I'll honk at you if you don't move! I'm working, not vacationing!

Please take note of street signs and directional driving!