It's rumored that in it's media event tomorrow, Apple will reveal a few new iPhones and iPads.   When the company sent out invitations for tomorrow, it teased it with a message reading "This should brighten everyone's day."

Some have interpreted that to mean a set of phones with bright new colors.  That's what the "C" could stand for in one of the rumored products, the iPhone 5C.   It's also been reported that the 5C will be cheaper then its pricey predecessors.

Rumors surrounding the new iPhone 5S talk about fingerprint activation.    Some leaked photos of the new phone show a silver ring around the black home button.   That fueled rumors that the phone will have a thumbprint scanner for extra security.

New iPads are probably on the menu for tomorrow's Apple event as well.   The word is that the iPad 5 will be thinner, less wide, but with the same screen size.

With Samsung giving Apple a run for their money in the pas months, it would be shocking if some new surprises are not revealed by Apple.