With all the uproar around here this week about Scott's new semi feminine ride, I got to thinking and well I wanted to know, does being male or female change what you look for in a vehicle? So I did a little research, and it turns it does drastically change what cars you would buy. According to Forbes.com, here are the top 10 vehicle picks for both sexes.

Cars For Women:

Volvo S40 57.9%

Nissan Rogue 56.9%

Volkswagen Eos 56.4%

Volkswagen Beetle 54.6%

Hyundai Tucson 54.0%

Honda CR-V 53.4%

Toyota RAV4 53.0%

Nissan JUKE 52.7%

Jeep Compass 52.7%

Nissan Versa 52.2%


Cars for Men:

Porsche 911 88.2%

GMC Sierra 87.5%

Ford F-Series 87.0%

Chevrolet Corvette 86.9%

Chevrolet Silverado 86.4%

BMW M3 85.1%

Audi S4 84.7%

Audi A8 84.4%

Cadillac Escalade EXT 84.3%

Maserati Granturismo 84.3%