Those of us in the 43 states where Powerball is played are dreaming of what life will be like on easy street, as the jackpot has soared to an estimated $600 million.   Last November, the jackpot reached $587.5 million, but we have already surpassed that.  So much money.  Sure we say we'd give some to charity, some to family members, pay-off the bills, buy a bigger house and the car we've always wanted.  But then what?    I think having access to that much money, even the huge amount we'd still see if we take it in a lump sum, will be overwhelming.   The odds are so minuscule, but someone will eventually win.   It probably won't be you or I, but isn't it fun to daydream about just what we might do with that kind of loot?  It's worth the price of at least one $2 ticket.