In news that probably won't shock any avid football fan, especially fans of the New England Patriots, the team's quarterback, Tom Brady, received more acclaim last night.

During NFL Network's final installment of their list of the Top 100 Players of 2014, Brady snagged the third spot, behind only wide receiver Calvin Johnson and fellow quarterback Peyton Manning. While some fans may be miffed that he didn't step into the top spot on the list there is something exceedingly impressive in his third place finish.

In a recent "News Blitz" report from, staff writer Isaac Moore touched upon why this year's top five selection is such a big deal. According to the numbers, Brady is the only player in the rankings' brief history that has cracked the top five in each year that the list has been released. He was first in 2011 and ranked fourth on both the 2012 and 2013 lists.

That's a rather impressive fact that shows just how consistently great Brady has been throughout his illustrious career. So just remember Pats fans, no matter what comes out of the rest of the "Tom Brady Era" in Foxboro, we ought to be very thankful for him giving us such great play for so long.

Here's to another season at the top of the list Tom! Go get 'em!