Winter colds are still running rampant and it seems like everyone is feeling rundown these days. So how can you avoid being being bedridden? If your office is like this office, then you've been hearing plenty of coughs, sneezes, sniffles and yawns over the last few days. Seems like there is definitely a bug going around in this building and I for one do not want to catch it!

So in scouring the internet and calling my mother, I've come up with a simple to do list for staying healthy here at the tail end of winter.

After all these cold months being inside with the windows closed it becomes easier and easier to catch a cold. Everyone is breathing the same air and sharing their germs with others (so sweet of them). But there are ways to stay healthy through it all.

  • First and perhaps foremost, drink plenty of water!
Iaroslav Danylchenko

My fiance firmly believes water cures anything. I can be complaining of being tired, hungry, sick or head-achy and his first response is always "drink some water." It's kind of a running joke in our relationship that anything can be cured by being more hydrated, but often times that's exactly what you need. Getting your eight glasses a day can keep you healthier, younger looking, more refreshed, give you energy and so much more.

  • Don't just drink that water, use it! Washing your hands several times a day can help keep those germs from spreading where you don't want them. 

Most cold germs get transferred to you by your hands. Touching a germy surface (or another germy hand) then touching your eyes, nose or mouth can send those cold germs right into your blood stream. Keeping your hands washed throughout the day helps to slow that germy spread. Avoiding contact with your eyes, nose and mouth during cold season is also and excellent idea.

Jacob Wackerhausen

Get a full eight hours of sleep

Sleep is very important to your entire body. Giving yourself plenty of time to rest up and reset your mind and body is huge to staying healthy. Stress and exhaustion weaken the immune system, making you more susceptible to catching those bugs floating around. Allowing yourself the proper amount of time to rest can keep the colds at bay.

  • Eat right!

Sure you always want to eat better, but during cold and flu season getting a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables can make a huge difference to your body both inside and out. Looking better is just a bonus to staying healthy when you get your vitamins C and E all winter long.

  • Disinfect commonly used objects
Sharon Barnes

If everyone in your office or house is touching it, someone needs to be cleaning it! Doorknobs, phones, faucets, etc all need to be wiped down and disinfected on a regular basis. Cold season means germy hands touching everything! Most people have the tendency to cough or sneeze into their hands. Though using your elbow is the preferred method to avoid spreading those germs you dispel, it may not always happen. Keeping stuff everyone has their hands on clean will help you stay healthy!


There are a few cold weeks ahead of us, so if you (like me) are trying to avoid those last minute winter colds, these tips can help you stay on a healthy path.

You may have your own family tips and tricks for cold season as well so please feel free to share any additional ideas below!