Are you obsessed with your teeth like I am? Oral health is important and not just for aesthetic reasons. Having a sparkling smile is an indicator of good health. Gum disease is linked to heart disease and that's just one example of a healthy mouth affecting your overall health.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Think of your mouth as the passage way for germs and infection. If you keep your mouth healthy and clean, your defenses are that much stronger. So take care of those chompers!

What are good foods for teeth? I am glad you asked. According to Know Your Teeth:

Calcium: it strengthens enameL and without calcium, you risk gum disease or tooth decay. No es bueno. Dairy products are excellent sources of calcium

B-Vitamins: oh so many of them. The best sources for the B's and iron are in meats. So red meat, chicken and fish. Nuts are good too.

Saliva: crunchy fruits such as apple and pears or raw veggies, promote saliva action which neutralizes acids in the mouth. Acids cause decay by wearing away the enamel, your tooth's protective surface layer.

Drink: No Soda. Water and milk are great for teeth. Anything sugary, such as juices are not so great.

General tips: Brush after meals, when you wake up and before bed. Use mouthwash and floss daily. If you're a coffee drinker (as am I) rinse or brush to minimize staining. I also use toothpastes with Baking Soda which can help whiten the smile.