As a woman, I am always on the look out for tips and tricks to save me time when getting ready for the day.  Makeup, hair, getting clothes ready, it's all so time consuming!  I have some tips that have worked for me, so I figure I will share the wealth!

1- You know when you're away from home, it's the middle of the day, your makeup is starting to fade or your face is getting shiny?'s a great trick if you don't carry your whole makeup case with you everywhere (who does?)...grab one of those toilet seat covers they have in a lot of bathrooms (make sure it's clean/unused of course!)'s made out of the same paper as a blotting paper!  You can use that to blot your face and reduce shine!

2- When you're traveling with a suitcase, you know you're clothes are going to get all wrinkled.  Quick fix!  Pack your hair straightening iron with you!  It'll only take up a little bit of room and you can use that as a make shift iron when you don't have one handy!

3- Dontcha hate it when you put perfume on in the morning and by lunch time you can't smell it anymore?  Here's a fix for that...apply some Vaseline first, to wherever you plan to spray perfume (usually pulse points) then spray your perfume, it will help it last longer!

4- This one might sound crazy, but it has worked for me!  When you're doing your nails and you want them to dry quickly, stick your hands, wet nails and all, right into a bowl of ice cold water!  Leave em in there for about 3 mins. and when you take them out, your nails will be dry and smooth!

5- Lastly, it's the end of the day.  Time to wash off your makeup before bed.  Skip a harsh cleanser or soap and instead opt for Olive Oil!  It might sound nutty, but you can use the same oil you cook with to take off your makeup, even mascara and long wearing lipstick!  Put some oil on a q-tip and get started wiping it all away!  

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