A new blog from Yahoo is highlighting a few exercises that most of us do, that are totally overrated. Most of us are hitting the gym to try and get healthier, but most of us are probably going about it all wrong. Many exercises that we have been doing for years are now being called 'worthless' by one fitness blog. So what are the most overrated exercises that people are still doing?


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According to this new study, San Diego State University says that crunches need an upgrade. They are also saying that it's the least effective fro strengthening the muscles in your stomach. Also, these can set you up for some serious back problems.Instead of these, the researches say to do a plank.

Chest Fly:


This is an exercise that a majority of us probably do this, and it does build chest muscles, it can really hurt your shoulders. Instead of doing the chest fly, you can do a bent-forward cable crossover.

The Bench Press:

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Probably one of the most popular gym exercises, research shows that it does do well building tricep and chest muscles, it can also lead to bad shoulder problems. Doing a bench press can also put stress on your rotator cuffs. Instead of a bench press, they suggest doing a simple push-ups. The push-up has  more benefit as it builds muscles in pecs, tricep and shoulders, while also developing core strength.