After reviewing surveillance video and talking to students and staff, New Bedford Police say they have caught the three high school seniors who broke in and vandalized New Bedford High School last week.  Two of the suspects are 18-years-old according to the Standard Times. Jose Matias, Derryn Pinette, and a male juvenile have been charged in connection with the crime. The seniors will not be allowed to go to the Senior Prom or to graduation.

New Bedford High School was shut down for health reasons on May 30th after fire extinguishers were sprayed inside the school. Dr. Pia Durkin told Fun 107 that there was a fear that the particles could affect students and staff that suffer from asthma. Durkin is asking the state's Department of Education whether or not the school will have to make up the lost day of learning.

Dr. Durkin also stressed that the actions of a few students should not reflect upon the many terrific students that are getting a great education at New Bedford High School.  Fun 107 shares this sentiment.