We all realize that this is a very important presidential election, and the outcome will determine the direction this country will take over the next several years.  However, when you go to the polls on Tuesday, you will see several other key races, and some important questions as well.  It is my suggestions that you be familiar with as many as possible so that you don't feel the pressure to just enter a "yes" or "no" randomly.  In addition to the choice for president of the United States, we are being asked to choose a U.S Senator.  The incumbent Scott Brown is being challenged by Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Warren.   As far as the statewide ballot questions the big 3 we are being asked to decide are:

Question 1, which proposed passage of the "Right To Rpair" law, which would require the car companies to give owners and independent repair facilities access to the same diagnostic and repair info that the new car dealers have.

Question 2 proposes passage of the "Death With Dignity" law, which would allow doctors licensed here in Massachusetts to prescribe medication at the request of a terminally ill patient meeting certain conditions, to end his or her life.   This law is known in some states as physician assisted suicide, but this particular law does not require a doctor to be present at the time the drug is administered.

Question 3 proposes enactment of a law allowing for the medical use of marijuana.  This would permit patients meeting certain conditions to  obtain marijuana produced and distributed by new state-regulated centers.  In certain cases, patients would be allowed to grow their own.

Important questions that deserve some careful thought and consideration before Tuesday's Election.