Ah, that hour of sleep we lost back in early March is being given back this weekend.  Sunday morning at 2, Daylight Savings Time is history for this year, and we go back to Eastern Standard Time.   Your smart phone should make the transition on it's own, but for other clocks and watches, it's probably best to set them back one hour before you go to bed Saturday Night.   

Personally, I'd prefer sticking with the DST all year.  Here in eastern Massachusetts the sunsets much too early over the winter months.   In January, darkness comes just after 4 in the afternoon.   We'd also avoid that shock to the system when we have to wake up an hour earlier in March after we "spring ahead."

I have a very nice "Brookstone" calendar/clock on my desk here at the radio station that is programmed under the old time change dates.  So now, for one week in October, and for three weeks in March, I am looking at the wrong time.  There's no fixing it either.   But complaints aside, I will enjoy the extra hour of sleep this weekend.