Whether or not you have reached that milestone, you may want to check out this list. It was recently published in a popular health and lifestyles magazine. The list is broken into 3 parts.

The first list applies to everyone:

-Learn a second language
-Donate blood
-Serve the homeless at a soup kitchen
-Visit the Grand Canyon
-Stand in Times Square
-Start a retirement account

The list for women:

-Get a psychic reading
-Go on a cruise
-get a mammogram
-go car shopping alone
-walk on a moonlit beach
-learn how to drive a stick-shift
-move in with someone you love
-change a diaper
-get your heart broken

And for men:

-ride a motorcycle
-learn how to bar-b-que
-drive 100 miles an hour
-go to a world series game
-catch a 10-pound fish
-go to a drive-in movie
-eat cavier

For Those of us who may be over 40, it's not to late to play catch-up.