It's a bit amazing that it was literally thousands of miles from this area while out at sea that I learned some very interesting things about our home area.  

During the FUN 107 cruise we have assigned seating if we choose to enjoy dinner in the ship's main dining room.  I shared a table with some very nice Morning Show listeners who I had never met or did not know well before the cruise began.   Over the course of several nights we shared stories of our lives and backgrounds.   Through those conversations I learned:

  • There was once a huge Goodyear Tire plant in New Bedford.  They specialized in bicycle and motorcycle tires, but closed back in 1991, a few years before I relocated to this area.
  • Dawson Beer brewery was here in the city.  I was told that it was located on Brook Street, closed in 1977, and that the building burned in 1999.
  • A Coca Cola bottling used to be on Kempton Street in the area where Walgreen's is now located.
  • There is a huge SEMASS facility that is in operation over in Rochester.  It's run by a company called Covanta Energy and is just off exit 2 of I-495.  This plant takes in about 3,000 tons of garbage each day and converts it into usable energy.   About 60 area communities have their refuse delivered to the facility to be converted into power or to be recycled.  About 75,000 homes are powered by electricity from SEMASS.

A little nostalgia from the area and fun topic we shared one night while out at sea.