One woman has an $11,000 credit card bill after thieves robbed her while she was working out.

The unnamed Tiverton woman says her identity was stolen and over $11,000 in fraudulent charges were racked up on her credit cards after thieves made off with nearly everything in her wallet.

She told NBC10 that she was working out at Atlantic Fitness in Tiverton on Wednesday night and left her car keys in an unlocked locker while she exercised.

When she returned to the locker room she found her keys were missing. And when she went out to the parking lot, she found her car as missing.

She thought she was being safe by leaving her purse in her car, but with the car stolen, everything from her credit cards to her license to her social security card were gone.

And even though she cancelled the cards right away, over $11,000 was spent in her name.

NBC10 says that the owners of Atlantic Fitness told them two men also reported property being stolen from their lockers on Wednesday night. They had been using locks, but it appeared bolt cutters were used to remove them.

The owners added that surveillance video does show two suspects, a man and a woman, sign up for day passes and then go into the locker rooms. They were described simply as "average looking" and "well dressed."

Tiverton police are seeking these suspects and anyone with information is asked to contact them.

Atlantic Fitness says they have never had an incident like this in 23 years of business, but adds they will be increasing security measures.