As Justin Timberlake's "The 20/20 Experience" gets released today,fans will notice that there's only 10 tracks..Not really the come back from Justin we were looking forward to but have no fear Questlove from the group Roots has informed all of us JT fans that there will be a sequel album due to come out in November with 10 more tracks..

Justin Timberlake is getting really detailed with his come back, his album is called "The 20/20 Experience" but he's coming out with two albums each one with 10 tracks,one will be released today March19 and then the second will be released in November..Do you all see the details there..10 + 10 =20...10 x 2 =20...20/20..Get it?!..Whatever his reasoning behind all of this we can also look forward to another track with a JT and JZ calibration on the sequel album..I don't know about everyone else but I'm pretty excited to know this information I mean yes it is a bit of a tease but think about it when an artist comes out with an album we listen to that album over and over again playing out every song so I think Justin has a great idea with giving us a little bit of him now and a little bit of him later..