This still popular publication Reader's Digest has cooked up a list of the absolute worst foods you can eat.  Here are some of the top foods to be avoided:  

Processed Meat.  It is usually high in salt, fat and cholesterol.  And according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, meat that is smoked, cured, preserved in salt or chemicals increases your risk of colon cancer.

Frozen Dinners.    The portions might be small, but they are loaded with calories.   Even though the diet versions are low-fat, they are heavily processed and usually high in salt.

Doughnuts.   They're basically just refined flour and sugar.   300 empty calories and 20 grams of trans fat.

Potato Chips.   Obviously, you'll gain weight if you eat too many.  But they also contain the same carcinogen that's found in French fries called acrylamide.

Foods Labeled "Low-Fat" and "Fat Free."    There's a low-fat version of almost everything now.  But when you get rid of the fat, you lose the flavor.  So to compensate, companies add more sugar and salt.

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