It's probably the biggest wedding stereotype out there, but last night it rang true for me as I'm sure is has for many brides before.

With the wedding about a month away and most of the RVSPs returned, I thought I'd take a crack at the seating chart last night. We have less than 100 guests at our small wedding plus families that have met each other on numerous occasions, so I figured how hard can it be? And boy was I wrong.

I think the dreaded seating chart is a wedding cliche because there are so many options of where to sit people. You almost can't help but second guess yourself every step of the way!

For me there are guests that should be seated away from other guests as well as family members that can sit with just about anybody. So once you start mixing and matching your friends and family, you really just start to go nuts.

I must have said, "okay that works, but what about this?" a dozen times last night. I rearranged again and again and again. And I'm still not satisfied with my end result!

I found myself wishing I could have taken my cousin's advice and just let people sit wherever they want, but with a plated dinner the wait staff probably wants to know where they're placing these meals.

I do still have two weeks until the final decision needs to be made and I know myself well enough to know that I'll probably try out a dozen more seating arrangements before then, but is there a point when it's right?

Have other brides found that they were happy with their seating charts or did you just have to stop moving things around at some point and let it be?