Just a few days after falling 80 feet from a tree, "Fortunate" the cat was being closely examined at the Marion Animal Hospital.  

The black, brown and white kitty had been stranded for days high in a tree in Rochester, MA.  On Sunday night, Marion firefighters attempted to rescue the feline from the branch she had been perched on.   The branch was finally cut, and the young cat plummeted 80 feet into some brush below.

"Fortunate" then disappeared for a couple of days.   But the feline has been found, and other than a couple of pulled muscles, the lucky cat is absolutely fine.  Now, families interested in adopting the cat are asked to submit an essay on why they should be able to take "Fortunate" home with them.   Kids interested in giving the kitty a permanant name can also send in their ideas.   The address is All About Animals, 103 Marion Road, Rochester, MA 02770