We see it every day. Rude people! People on the roads, in the workforce, everywhere we turn, rudeness and disrespect come in all forms. Grumpy adults, rude teenagers and unhappy workers seem to outweigh the happy polite people in 2013, at least around our area!

I just got back from a mini vacation in Tennessee and the term "Southern Hospitality" was EVERYWHERE. Kids in the hotel room holding doors open for you, and being APOLOGETIC if they missed the chance to hold the door. Workers at the local donut shop making SURE you are getting great service. Drivers stopping at crosswalks to let people cross ALL  the time. Everyone in any sort of line saying hello.

I could go on and on, but It was something that really made me stop and think that it seems like this area is really lacking that way of going through everyday life. Less and less respect for one another, and a definite ME only mentality. I hope it turns around someday!