Everyone moans and groans about writing a bazillion thank you notes following a party. But its not a difficult task if you can just sit down and get to it. The rules are simple and only requires a note card, pen (yes, a pen- this is a handwritten project) and some heartfelt sentiment.  Make a commitment to do at least 5-10 notes a night and you'll be done in no time!  Here are the 6 very easy sentences that make up a true "Thank You" note.

1. Greet the Gifter: "Dear Beth,"  Simple enough, right?  So simple most people forget to do it.

2. Express Your Gratitude: "Thank you so much for the Banana Phone."  Thank the person for the gift- even if it’s a silly gift.  Did someone give you money as a gift?  Then simply say “Thank you for your generous gift” rather than talking about the money directly, as in “Thanks for giving me $500”.   Follow your sentence with a nice, clean “Your generosity is truly appreciated.”

If someone gave you a gift you can’t actually hold (such as lending you their home), define what they gave you and thank them accordingly.“Thank you kindly for your hospitality this past weekend.”   Keep things classy and to the point.

3. Discuss Use of the Gift: Say something nice and honest about the gift and how you will use it.  Even if you hate something you received, there is good to be said about it, you just have to find it. “Using the banana phone is going to make working from home a lot more fun!” or “Your generous gift will help us in the search for our first home” or “It’s so nice to spend such quality time with family”  Again, keep statements simple and heartfelt. This is a note card, not a note book.

4. Mention the Past, Allude to the Future: “It was great to see you at our wedding and I hope to see you at your 30th birthday this spring”.  These statements are simple ways to remind the person that they are part of your life.  If you don’t see someone frequently and my not see them in the future, say a simple “I hope we cross paths soon” or “You’re in my thoughts, hope you are well.”

5. Grace:  "Thank you again for your gift."  You are not over doing it by saying “Thank you” a second time, so say it.

6. Regards:  Wrap it up. Remember to sign off with both of your names if its a wedding note. "With Love, Kristen and Scott"