Considering a nursing home or assisted living facility is never easy.

Deciding on nursing home care for a parent, sibling or spouse brings with it the realization that it is no longer possible for your loved one to live at home. Decisions about the right nursing home often needs to be made quickly, and usually at a time of great emotional distress. At Life Care, we want to help in any way we can. Information is key, and understanding what to look for and what to ask about can make all the difference.


Beautifully situated in a wooded area in coastal Massachusetts, The Oaks offers the peaceful seclusion of the country while providing immediate access to quality senior health care facilities and attractions.

Buttonwood Park is only eight miles from the facility, and North Dartmouth Mall is also close by!


The Oaks also provides its nursing home residents with rehabilitation therapy, subacute care, and much more.

Founded: July 1989

Director: Jenny Baldassarre