So you just got married, what's next? Luckily we have discovered a great check list for all you newlyweds to follow along with.

m. a. x, flickr

The Nest, a site that works along with The Knot, has a few really good suggestions for all you just wed people out there. If you are planning a wedding, this will come in handy as well. Now you'll have a head start on what to do!

  1. Clean and store your dress - You spent a lot of money on this, and though you'll only wear it once, you don't want to ruin it!
  2. Take care of all your name change stuff - that means drivers license, bank, credit cards, bills, etc.
  3. Figure out your taxes - You are now married, which means come tax season things will be a bit different for you.
  4. Send out your Thank-You Notes - It's something you don't want to wait too long to do. People will be waiting, and wondering if you liked their gift!
  5. Give out your new address - Moving to a new place, or perhaps living together for the first time? Make sure to inform everyone of your new address! You never know who might be sending along a late wedding gift or card.
  6. Figure out your Finances - Sit down together and talk about that dirty word no one likes to hear about, money. You'll have to plan out bills and what not since it's now not just YOUR money.

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