Some people like to count down to Christmas, I like to countdown to new technology. It's been about a year since the iPhone 4S has graced us with its presence and made a mark on the smartphone stage, and today is the day the brand new iPhone is revealed.

Rumor has it, it will be taller, thinner, and faster with a whole new look. Which I think is long overdue. Can you really tell the difference between an iPhone 4 and a 4S?  CEO Tim Cook even said during the press conference last year that the 4S may look like the iPhone 4, but inside it's "all-new." I think it was lazy on Apple's part. Steve Jobs wouldn't have allowed two iPhone to look alike.

There's so much hype about the new iPhone, that another rumor about a so-called "iPad mini" might be revealed as well. Get the functionality of an iPad at a smaller scale. Isn't that called an iPhone?

Another thing that comes to mind is, will Apple really call this new iPhone, iPhone 5? Think about it. The original iPhone, the 3G, the 3GS, the iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S. I count 5 iPhones right there. Shouldn't it be called iPhone 6 if they're going the numbers route? Last year's iPhone should have been called "5" and then they threw the "S" curveball at the last second. Apple might even call it just simply, the new iPhone, like they did when the new iPad was released. I guess we'll find our later this afternoon.


The iPhone 5 is here!