It's time to be realistic. i'm talking to you, the Die-Hard Patriots fan, and many of you started to be one around 2002 after the surprise Super Bowl in 2001. Granted some of you are life long Pats fans, but this season is going to be a lost one.

I saw excitement when the first win happened on Sunday against the Bills. A rookie QB for Buffalo and the Patriots escaped with a 2 point win. Now, last night, another rookie QB and a three point win for the Patriots against a poor Jets team. Tom Brady with less than 50% of his completions made, and only 9 first downs (the LEAST since 1998).

Danny Amendola, who's biggest problem is staying on the field, and has proved that by already missing last night's game, and who is going to be out 2-6 weeks! Shane Vareen out till week 11. We have no idea when Gronk is coming back, and oh yeah, by they way. They haven't played anyone decent yet.

What is going to happen when they play teams with real QB's?  Whats going to happen when they take on the Bengals, the Saints, and the Broncos and the Panthers? Its a struggle to beat sub par teams and rookie QB's now, I'm afraid the see the beating when they face a team that can score.

Tom Brady is frustrated, and he should be. The off-season was a disaster for more reasons than Aaron Hernandez and its showing badly. The Patriots haven't won a Super Bowl since 2007 and that's with GOOD teams.

Do you really think they are going all the way with this one?