My wife and I thought and thought about what our newest son's name will be when we meet him in July. We didn't want to go with a name used by the masses, and we also didn't want to go with an obscure name either.

Just a strong simple name will do. Our first son, John, is a prime example of what I'm talking about. I don't know of too many Johns in the world, plus he's named after his Vavu, or grandfather which makes it that more meanful.

So what is our new baby boy's name? Sorry. Can't tell you just yet. We are firm believers that names for upcoming children get stolen all the time and we don't want to jinx it. Not to say we are the ones that came up with the name, but we're nutty like that.

If you want to take a guess at the name, email me. If you're right, I'll let you know. That way I didn't tell you, you guessed. Good luck.