I have such a bad habit of forgetting the first names of people I've just met.   I've even tried repeating their name when introduced, but that trick just doesn't seem to work for me.   The worst thing is when I then need to introduce them to someone else I know.   I was recently at a fund-raisier when someone came over to me and said hello.

I had never met them before, but they seemed to know who I was. They then turned to introduce me to someone else, and called me, not J.R., but J-Lo.   The other person looked confused for a moment, but then said "Hello J-Lo."   I said "I'm actually J.R.".  The person who had introduced me as J-Lo looked embarrassed and apologized.   I acually thought it was very funny.   A little bit later in the event, I ran into someone else who said "Hello R.J."