Coffee is truly our life blood in the morning. Without it, we can't function. We also need to prepare our coffees to our liking as well. But, when someone in the office hoards and locks the creamers up, our coffee bliss can't be achieved until now.

We here at FUN 107 ask you the listener to take a moment and gather up any unused creamers and please donate them to your favorite morning show so we can finally enjoy our morning cup of joe without any nagging non-creamer issues. We're looking to reach our goal of at least 20 creamers to stretch across the hall here at FUN 107.

Thank you. Our address is 22 Sconticut Road in Fairhaven, MA located right next to the 99 Restaurant.

Donations are already rolling in.


UPDATE - 8:51am

An agreement has been reached between the powers that be and the FUN Morning Show to leave a few out each night so we can have coffee, complete with creamers, in the morning!