This weekend I was out and about for Fun 107, spending some of my Saturday afternoon at Colonial Chrysler. And while I'm sure the new cars would typically be the focus of a trip to the car dealership, I was fascinated with another new thing they had there.

In the shiny new showroom over at Colonial there is also a fancy new bathroom, where the coolest sink I have ever seen resides.

This thing was beyond futuristic. So technologically advanced I almost didn't understand how to use it. (Honestly the only reason I did was because it was explained to me!)

Nancy Hall/TSM

I was with Kara and Chris when Kara mentioned that the bathroom sink's faucet looked really cool, but she couldn't find the hand dryer. That was when Chris informed us the faucet was the hand dryer...and I had to see it for myself!

Though it may sound strange I specifically went in there to scope out and photograph the sink. And then I asked Chris to video the sink, so I could show people how it worked.

I know it's a strange thing to be fascinated with, but I totally was. And it made me wonder where there might be other cool sinks in the area.

So have you ever seen a sink you just had to tell other people about? Where are the coolest sinks on the Southcoast?