The New Bedford area certainly has a lot of history and culture behind it. So forget about going as some crazy pop culture reference this Halloween, but instead why not go as a locally inspired one? 

Yes, locally inspired. There is so much in and around New Bedford that you could go as! What are we talking about?

Here are a few options:

1. The Whaleman Statue


Head to your favorite Halloween or costume store, get some gray body paint and a spear 9fake, duh) and you are on your way to one awesome costume. Plus, plenty of opportunity for photo ops! 

2. Market Basket Customer


You never know what someone will show up in at Market Basket, but to be authentic New Bedford you'll only need a few things: A red shopping basket, an old faded hooded sweatshirt, pajama pants (cartoon characters preferred), and slippers. 

3. Cranberry Farmer

BC Gov Photos,flickr

Head out towards the Cape, and it's field after field of cranberry bogs. Why not pay tribute to some of the hard working men and women who help give us those delicious little nuggets. After all, no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without some cranberry sauce!

4. Mayor Jon Mitchell


New Bedford's fearless leader! All you'll need is a great suit, and practice your Ray Romano voice. Yes, the two of them sound alike

5. A Whale


Let's be real for a sec, 'k? We are the Whaling City, so we owe a lot to these animals. Why not pay tribute to them with an awesome Halloween costume? 

6. Joe Jesus


He may not know it (or maybe he does) but Joe Jesus is New Bedford's official unofficial mascot. Be warned, if you're not a snappy dresser, you won't be able to pull this one off. Colorful suits are a must, and socks and shoes have to match the outfit!

7. The Fun Morning Show


You'll be sure to impress at Monster Mash this year if you can pull off the triple threat! Hopefully enough confusion occurs that we won't be able to tell the difference!