Lately, I've been putting a lot of focus on getting back into the gym and eating better. I'm always looking for information on what I should be eating and what I should cut back on.

Sometimes it's obvious what is a 'no-no' when trying to eat healthy. An obvious bad choice would be a candy bar or a bag of chips. When I think of something as a bad choice, I usually think it's because it's high in sugar or fat, or both. Well, I found a list of the 22 worst things to eat, and while some of them I'm not surprised by, others had me exclaiming 'WHAT?!'.

Here's some of the items on the list and the reasons why these items are no good for ya:

Soda: Most people know that soda is not a good choice because of the empty calories and large amount of sugar. True, but there's more to it than that. It's also linked to cancer, memory loss, nerve disorders, and premature aging!


Hotdogs: Sure, they are full of fat and sodium, and who knows exactly what part of the pig they are actually made from...but wait, there's more! Hotdogs, along with hams and sausages are examples of processed meats which are linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Farmed Salmon: Now, here's one that kind of surprised me. All this time, I've been thinking, 'Hey, I'll order the salmon, that's a solid healthy choice!' I guess not! Studies show that farmed salmon can be loaded with carcinogenic chemicals, flame retardants, antibiotics and pesticides. Whoa! Flame retardants?! No, thank you!


Canned Tomatoes: Another surprise on this list, at least for me anyway! I figured canned tomatoes were about as good for me as regular tomatoes, and regular tomatoes are a healthy choice, right?! Here's the kicker...canned tomatoes come in a can, and Bisphenol-A (aka BPA), a chemical linked to intestinal damage and heart disease, is found in the lining of canned foods. What a bummer! Guess it's best to stick to fresh tomatoes!

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There's an entire list of things that are no-go's if you're trying to be health conscience. It can be frustrating with a lot of trial and error, but try not to get discouraged. Hey, the more you know, right? You can find the whole list right here: