When I arrived home late Monday during what was the peak of Hurricane Sandy's effect on this area, my wife was listening to the scanner app she had downloaded to her iPhone.  After a few minutes of hearing calls from dispatchers to police cruisers and fire departments, I realized that these men and woman are out there risking their lives.  While most of us were safe and sound in the comfort of our homes, area police and firefighters were outside dealing with the elements.   Some of the officers were near the hurricane barrier trying to get people off the wall before they were washed out to sea.  Others were dealing with downed power lines so that no one walked or drove over them.   Yet others were investigating a robbery that happened during the storm.

This is the line of work they chose, but when natural disasters occur, they are out there in force so that the rest us are safe.  Police, firefighters, municipal workers, and utility company crews all deserve our appreciation and salutations.  Thank you.