We can all agree that Taylor Swift is a bit boy crazy and even though she feels that people gawking over her love life is sexist I ask her how are we not suppose to gawk when you put it out there for us..girrrl..and so naturally she discusses her her love life in the April 2013 issue of Vanity Fair..

Yesterday on the night show I reported that in the April 2013 issue of Vanity Fair Taylor Swift states that since 2010 she has only dated TWO men..Conor Kennedy and Harry Styles but I don't think thats right what about the guy from Twlight but the best part of the interview is when a source close to Taylor Swift was given the authority to set the record that Harry Styles chased her for a year,caught her,then dumped her..Isn't that what most guys at Harry's age do?!..Everyone loves a chase and I'm sure it made Taylor feel all giddy so why is she so bitter?!..Because things ended badly?!..Listen it is what it is Taylor boys will be boys so stop taking offense to these break up's I'm sure your a great girl but it's just not your time to meet your "mister right" so keep your head up through it all,act like a mature lady,and I promise you it will happen eventually but until then just slow things down and enjoy being young..