That old phrase "Mo' money, mo' problems" doesn't apply in the case of Taylor Swift. The '22' singer just bought a $17 million mansion in Rhode Island and she paid for the abode with cash. No loans, no bank back and forth and no nonsense!

Swift, who made real estate gawker headlines recently for purchasing and then selling off a Massachusetts property near the family compound of her ex Conor Kennedy, plunked down a total of $17.75 mili on this new piece o' real estate. She was seen scoping out the location earlier this month.

It's quite the swank bachelorette pad, sitting pretty on more than five acres and boasting over 11,000 feet of square footage. Yeah, that's what we call "roomy." Clearly, T. Swizzle likes the New England area as this is her second time scoring property in the region.

The previous owner was asking $20 million but Swift talked 'em down a few million. TMZ reports that the singer wired the money to the seller and movers were already there this morning (April 27).

Swift also has property in Nashville. She's turning into quite a real estate baroness.

This new crib looks like the perfect place in which to host Lonely Girls Club nights. We hope the kitchen is super groovy so she can bake treats -her specialty- for her girlfriends and lament their singleness.

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