If you haven't filed your taxes yet, you've got just under a month left to get them done. I know that for some people, they are able to file right away because they only have one W-2, no deductions and they're probably single. Those are the people who are more than likely going to file themselves with one of the on-line programs. But if you haven't filet yet because you are still waiting for 1098's, 1099's or for some reason multiple W-2's, then you more than likely want to seek professional assistance.





Who should seek assistance?

1) Anyone not good with computers or on-line programs. If your forte isn't computers and you don't even have a Facebook account because you don't know how to create one, you probably should meet with someone face to face. come to think of it, you're probably not even reading this article

2) If you made a big purchase, transaction such as the sale or purchase of a home.

3) If you own a business. Regular upgrades suchas buying a piece of equipment can be deducted and the schedule for those write offs are not included in the simple on-line programs. You may missout on credits!

4) If you have a child or children and are paying for their care or schooling, it may be a good idea to meet with a tax professional that can find you the proper deductions and/or credits.

Whatever your situation or choice, be sure to get it in before April 16th! If you need more tax tips, check out our Local Tax Experts at Jackson Hewitt here.