The producers of the popular SyFy television movie Sharknado have decided not to bring back Tara Reid for the upcoming sequel.    In the original movie, Reid plays Ian Ziering's character Fin's estranged wife, April Wexler.   She helps her ex kill the sharks tossed into Los Angeles by a freak hurricane.   The sequel will take place in New York.

While the 37-year-old star won't be back for Sharknado 2, word is that shark-slayer Ziering is still in.   Sources tell TMZ that the pair earned about $50,000 each for Sharknado, and Ziering will likely make a lot more for round two.

Meanwhile, Sharknado is coming to theaters this Friday.   Regal will be hosting midnight showings of Sharknado at 200 cinemas throughout the U.S. for just one night.