I'm feeling nostalgic today! What a great video I stumbled across! A sample of a simpler time, thats for sure! Have a look as we flashback and take a trolley ride through New Bedford, MA in 1921. This vintage film was painstakingly restored by the M.L.Baron Historic Archives in 1983. 92 years ago this video was shot..think about that..think that almost every person  featured in this film is not living at this moment! We sit in the rider's seat of the famous horse drawn Oxford Trolley #10 as it heads to Purchase St in the city and greeted by then popular Mayor Ashley. This classic film has period music from the 1920's to really make the clip stand out. They weren't bumpin' Biggie back then that's for sure! Check out other videos from the video library of http://www.westislandweather.com/