Getting Engaged A Little Differently
Traditionally, when a couple gets engaged, the man asks the woman to marry him.  She gets a diamond ring and the planning begins!
Well, sometimes couples decide to things a little untraditionally and that's ok too!  A trend that is becoming more and more popular is women asking men to …
Old “Battleship” Game Box Would Be Offensive Today
My buddy Neal White was showing me a website that compared old versions of board games with the new modern versions. One of the games that was being compared was the popular game "Battleship" and we were discussing how the box cover to the game in 1967 would NEVER fly today...
Are Yoga Pants for Everyone?
In recent years, pants once reserved for exercise became the go-to fashion for nearly every female out there.  We’re talking about yoga pants, ladies.  But one famous athletic company is leaving a sour taste in our mouth.
Creepy Man Touching Sleeping Women In Taunton
A bizarre story out of Taunton this morning. Police are warning residents about a heavy set white man with a beard who is breaking into homes overnight and touching women while they are sleeping. Amazingly, even when the women were sleeping next to their husband, the intruder wasn't deterred...
Are Big Time Rush Getting Torn Apart by the Ladies?
The band Big Time Rush (who got their start as a group on a Nickelodeon sitcom) say they're still going strong and not on the way to a breakup even though their show is off the air, but all their promises reportedly may come to naught if Carlos Pena's fiance/actress Alex Vega has her way.
Facts About Cervical Cancer [Sponsored]
Breast Cancer Awareness month will be upon us shortly. October is an important month about awareness for women in general.  Education and asking your physician the right questions are necessary in this day and age. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure as my mother always said.
Trying To Look Good: Men Give Up Younger Than Women
A fascinating new British study shows that women are more reluctant to throw in the towel when it comes to caring about their looks.  The study shows that women fight the aging process with everything they have until they get dragged away (kicking and screaming) at the average age of 59.&n…

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