Four Benefits Women Get When They Lift Weights
In our fitness series, I've invited guest trainers to share some of their best tips and tricks for getting fit during 2014. In this feature, Seattle trainer Justin Wade dishes up five things you can do to help you find your slimmer self...
UConn Offers Football 101 Class For Women [VIDEO]
On this morning's edition of the ABC 6 Morning Talker we discussed UConn and their new course for women who want to learn about football. Doreen Scanlan thought that it was a little sexist to assume that women's need to learn about football...
5 Things Women Do In Secret
Ladies, "Sex In The City" said it best, we all have those little quirky things that we do but would never want a man to know about. Guys, I'm officially revealing the secret behind Victoria's Secret aka revealing five things women do in secret.
A Pen Just For Women
Yesterday one of my co-workers sent me this video from the 'Ellen' show and although it is a bit dated I still thought I'd share it with you. Women have come a long way in society but it always seems the men continue to get the upper hand...

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