Getting Through New Bedford’s FY 2016 Budget
New Bedford's already tight 2016 budget looks to get even tighter as city officials try to make do.
Monday night, more department heads met with the City Council to go over individual cuts and increases for next year's budget. Some officials described needing to eliminate positions in …
New Bedford Voc-Tech Seniors Move On
As New Bedford Regional Voc-Tech seniors made sure which side of the cap their gold tassels were on, family and friends eagerly waited for the 38th graduation ceremony to begin on Wednesday afternoon.
Proud parents watched on as students accepted their diplomas...
Art Hits New Bedford’s Waterfront
You might want to look twice at the jumble of vines near New Bedford's State Pier terminal.
The giant squid made out of invasive plant life is all a part of the Seaport Artwalk project opened Saturday evening on the downtown waterfront...
Lemonade Day Is Coming
Young girls and boys around Fall River are getting their stands ready for Lemonade Day.
Kids will be selling lemonade and other products around the city to learn business values and make some money in the process.
Re-Creation Director, Jamison Souza said Lemonade Day helps create business men and wome…
The Mystery Of The New Bedford Snow Couch
I don't even know where to begin.
I first noticed this couch sitting atop a ten-foot snow mound several days ago. The couch is situated in front of the Martin P. Wein Inc., Accounting and Tax Services business on Acushnet Avenue directly across from Brooklawn Park...

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