wareham crossing

People Rejoice Sephora is coming to Wareham Crossing
Finally, a brand new Sephora store is opening inside the JCPenny at the Wareham Crossing!
Honestly, we are not sure how the employees at Sephora take home a paycheck because we'd be spending ALL of it in the store before our shift would even be over!!!
Wareham Crossing Family Movie Nights
I was at the first Family Movie Night at Wareham Crossing a couple of weeks ago and had a blast watching a classic baseball movie with my boys.   They had a great time getting their faces painted and eating popcorn while watching this classic on the big screen...
Musical Nights Kick Off This Week at Wareham Crossing
Did you know Wareham Crossing is about more than just shopping? It's a great place to spend some fun summer evenings.
In addition to their Family Movie Nights every Monday in July, there's also a series of Musical Nights happening every Thursday in July and August...

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